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Just like humans, dogs have unique personalities and moods. Although they may no not like being dressed up in a complete outfit, a bandana can look great without being restricting. Dog bandanas look cute and stylish regardless of the breed or age of your pup.

For many dogs, clothing is a necessary and essential part of maintaining warmth during the colder months. Many dog breeds are unable to maintain the body heat necessary to keep warm and may require additional protection. Our Canyon Moon is perfect for this. 

Benefits of Dog Bandanas

We already know that dog bandanas look great, but they can also be beneficial to your dog’s health. If you have allergies, a dog bandana is more likely to catch loose hair and help prevent irritation. If your dog is easily stressed, try using a stress relief spray on a bandana to calm your dog down. Also, during hot spells, a wet bandana can be used to help keep your dog cool.


Choosing the Right Bandana

WildScruff makes handmade dog bandanas for all dogs and dog people. We take the effort out of choosing the right bandana for your dog. We consider the weight, age, and breed of your dog to find the right style and perfect fit for your furry friend.

Whether you are relaxing at home or going on an adventure, our high-quality bananas are suitable year round and available in a variety of patterns for every occasion. Check out our limited edition designs available today.

Written By: Rakesh Korwani in association with Humber Online Solutions 

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